The stunning wonderland table. Majestic 50,000 years old Ancient Kauri delicate embellished with precious kauri gum create a beautiful statement piece radiating in any room it’s placed.

For more detailed information about the wonderland table, please visit The Wonderland page.

The Fire

Picture the elegance of the fire in a luxury dining table design. The Fire is beautifully complemented stunning single piece by delicate inlaid designs.

For more detailed information about the fire table, please visit The Fire page.

Magnificent Mega Curl

On 31 October 2019, we are working on a mega curl slab at ICEWOOD Ancient Kauri’s Auckland workshop. The grain of this one is spectacular. It got some very beautiful color. You can see the details of the mega curl as walking along. Really powerful down one end.

Absolutely Gorgeous

Walk along and have a closer look at the intense active grains.

Haast’s Eagle

The Haast’s eagle is an extinct species of eagle that once lived in the South Island of New Zealand. This giant was the largest eagle ever existed on earth.

For more details about this artwork, please visit The Haast’s eagle page.


Our masterpiece of a dining table in NZ is here: the Nivara. With precious kauri gums, this feature piece is one of opulence. With the flames of the 50000 years old Ancient Karui bark, it’s the epitome of glamorous and eye-catching. This beauty is enhanced with careful craftsmanship apparent in every detail. Simply browsing through pictures online won’t do the Nivara justice.

For more details about this artwork, please visit Nivara page.

Raw Cut

Several raw cut Anicent Kauri slabs to be made into luxury tables. Watch this space. We are going to upload more videos of these slabs and how they are going to be made into tables and the final products.