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The unique beauty of Ancient Kauri has been discovered and crafted by ICEWOOD into modern luxurious furniture. The result is a unique concept of stylish, high-quality furniture designed for the discerning individual. furniture in which comfort, elegance, and refined fulfilment intermingle effortless.

Ancient Kauri


Ancient Kauri refers to prehistoric Kauri forests, buried and preserved in peat up to 50,000 years ago in New Zealand’s North Island.


Sleeping Beauty buried for 50,000 years

At ICEWOOD, we cherish the unique Ancient Kauri every step of the way. We craft this buried treasure into modern sophisticated furniture. Each piece of our furniture is distinctive with the structure and grain on the surface creating an unparalleled piece of beautiful furniture. Inspired by Mother Earth, each furniture piece retains the natural shape, grain and character of the original tree when it was buried in last Ice Age.


Nature itself guides our artisan craftsmen, resulting in a culmination of both natural beauty and human artistry. We use natural oils and wax that emphasize the luxurious and organic beauty of Ancient Kauri’s texture while enabling it to “breathe” naturally. This emphasizes the natural colour diversity. Each of our ICEWOOD furniture pieces is unique to its owner being marked, numbered, recorded and certified with its distinctive booklet.


Ancient Kauri is the most exotic wood in the world, but not a single tree was cut down to harvest it. The timber for ICEWOOD furniture is sourced legally and regulated under MPI, the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. Every piece of timber we use has minimal or zero environmental impact when it is extracted.

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