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At ICEWOOD, we cherish New Zealand’s unique Ancient Kauri every step of the way. We craft this New Zealand buried treasure into modern sophisticated furniture. Each piece is distinctive with the structure and grain creating an unparalleled piece of beautiful furniture. Inspired by Mother Earth, each furniture piece retains the natural shape, grain and character of the original tree when it was buried in last Ice Age.


Ancient Kauri

Ancient Kauri or Swamp Kauri refers to prehistoric Kauri forests, buried and preserved in peat up to 50,000 years ago in New Zealand’s North Island. Buried in peat swamps by an unexplained act of nature at the end of the last Ice Age, the trees have survived the centuries underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition. The trees grew for nearly 2000 years before they were buried. Some have a girth of around 40 feet, and a total height of nearly 200 feet.

Extraction of the logs is environmentally friendly. Each log must be carefully brought to the surface. After the log has been removed, the area is then restored to its original contours.


Preserved in “ice”

The unique beauty of Ancient Kauri has been discovered and crafted by ICEWOOD into modern luxurious furniture. The result is a unique concept of stylish, high-quality furniture designed for the discerning individual by using world leading skills and craftsmanship.

ICEWOOD uses food grade resin to preserve New Zealand Ancient Kauri to be heatproof, waterproof and scratchproof. The tables are perfectly preserved in the resin “ice” just like when they were buried in last Ice Age.

Ancient Kauri is a unique New Zealand treasure. ICEWOOD’s tables are well-preserved in resin “ice”, recreates the landscapes of New Zealand – 100% pure. The wood is our land. The natural grains are our rivers flowing across the land. And the effortless craftsmanship is how Kiwis respect and treasure our land like how ICEWOOD preserves this gem-like table. We love our land. We care about people and heritage. We respect Mother Earth.

New Zealand Ancient Kauri is the most exotic wood in the world, but not a single tree was cut down to harvest it. The timber for ICEWOOD furniture is sourced legally and regulated under MPI, the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. Every piece of timber we use has minimal or zero environmental impact when it is extracted. We use natural oils and wax that emphasize the luxurious and organic beauty of Ancient Kauri’s texture while enabling it to “breathe” naturally. This emphasizes the natural colour diversity.



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